My name is Dinja van Meegersen and I am an illustrator and designer. I am a highly sensitive person, also called HSP. In daily life I often look at things in a mindful way and experience emotions more intensely than most people. I also implement this in my work, for example by adding interaction. As a result, senses are stimulated by various aspects, such as being able to feel, see or hear things. By creating this sensory experience for people, I aim to involve them more in my work and make a connection between my work and the target group. In addition, I also want to stimulate different emotions, by linking them to colors and shapes that represent these emotions.
I incorporate these aspects into my designs by making work for children, such as picture books. This way, I hope that children can empathize more and can really play with my work, while learning something in an innovative way. I often think in a playful and colorful way and I think this fits well with this type of work field .

    Besides children's books, I also make stationery products such as cards and booklets, portraits and editorial work. I visualize people and their stories in a clear way, summarizing the core by means of different divisions of surfaces. Here my designs radiate peace and tranquility and the subject is central. In my personal work I visualize things from everyday life in a cheerful, colorful way. Here I also work with emotions and see which colors are fitting. Here I work a lot with pastel colors, because this makes me and others feel calm.
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